Successful locations and organizations for the Wireless Audio Distribution system include:  Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Churches, Airports, Sporting Events, ​Concert Venues, Bingo Halls, Lounges, Boardrooms, Convention Services, Suites, Poolside, ​Fitness Centers, Waiting Rooms, Cafeteria's, Grandstands and more.

Audio Distributor Systems connect audio from TV's and/or other audio sources wirelessly allowing happy patrons to download a free app and listen on smartphones and tablets in real time.

Advanced, Reliable Technology

Low Latency (.02 seconds)

Phone: 813-948-4407

​​​People are Frustrated - They can't hear the Sound!

TV’s everywhere ​broadcasting Entertainment, Education, Sporting Events, Breaking News and more.

​ Become a Topic of Conversation.  Set yourself apart from the competition!

Affordable, Easy to Install, ​No Daily Maintenance or Operator Required!